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1500 concrete product forming machine

Zenith 1500 is an advanced intelligent production equipment developed by Zenith, which can produce all kinds of standard concrete products such as hollow brick, paving brick, curb and solid brick。

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1500 concrete product forming machine

Product characteristics

  Advanced intelligent production equipment
  Zenith 1500 fixed veneer block forming machine is an advanced intelligent production equipment developed by Zenith company. It can produce standard concrete products such as hollow brick, paving brick, curb and solid brick, as well as a variety of non-standard products and garden landscape products, which can meet almost all customers' needs。

  The equipment is in design,Break the shackles of conventional thinking,Extensive use of high quality screw connectors,Including vibration table, motor beam frame and side frame components,Both are screw connected designs,The equipment has an ultra-low maintenance rate and failure rate,It can easily meet the different production conditions of customers,And greatly shorten the replacement time of wearing parts。

  Zenith 1500 equipment is also equipped with a variety of cutting-edge intelligent equipment and systems, such as advanced control and automatic diagnosis system, servo vibration system, which can give professional support to operators。In addition, it also includes a variety of convenient and practical programs to control the expansion device or equipment, such as automatic rapid mold change system, a variety of color batching equipment and indenter cleaning device, to improve the efficiency of production and product quality。

Technical parameter

Product height
最大 500mm
最小 50mm
Palletizing height
Maximum production area (production in standard size pallets) 1320*1150mm 托板
Size (standard) 1400*1200mm
Steel plate thickness 14mm
Plank thickness 50mm
Bottom bin volume (excluding fabric hopper) 2500L
Machine weight
Fabric attachment 36T
Machine size
Maximum total length 8500mm
Maximum total height 4885mm
Maximum total width 3300mm
Machine technical parameters/energy consumption
Vibration system Servo vibration system
Vibration table Maximum 175KN
upvibration Max. 35KN
Total flow 540L/min
Working pressure 160bar
Maximum power 160KW
Control system Siemens S7-1500, touch screen console
Technological advantage
1500 block forming machineGeneral technical drawing of production line
Equipment matching
Customer case
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